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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Insanity

It's the middle of the night. I am currently in a deep sleep brought on by a turkey and wine induced coma.

It's hard to believe that while I am in my chambers, at the Bytes Estate, sound asleep that there are people camped out in parking lots waiting to barge through the doors of retailers. Shopping in the middle of the night!? It must be Black Friday.

I never understood what the fascination is with Black Friday. Why would anyone want to go shopping in the middle of the night just to save a few bucks. Are the savings worth getting seriously injured by people trampling you when the doors open. Hospital bills can be expensive.

 I believe you can find good deals online without having to venture out in the middle of the night and risking life and limb.

The perception is that Black Friday shoppers are mostly women "women be shoppin'" but there seems to be a fair amount of guys now drinking the Black Friday "Kool Aid". It's insane.

Also, most people have a four day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. Do you really want to get up early on a day off from your jobs. You should be sleeping in. The holidays are suppose to be for relaxing.

It's a free country so do what you want. I guess if people are crazy enough to go shopping in the middle of the night there will be retailers who will be open.

I just woke I am going back to sleep..

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I,along with the staff of the Bytes Estate, wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Americans all over the country have different traditions on how to celebrate the holiday. Most people have turkey, some don't. Some have huge feasts, some have only a few guests.

I thought this year I would share how the Bytes Estate celebrates Thanksgiving.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I take a trip to the turkey farm to pick out my turkeys for dinner.
I decided to have a smaller feast this year and only need three turkeys. Guess which three were delivered on Monday?

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day...

The festivities begin at 12PM with drinks and appetizers leading into the first football game at 12:30PM. Dinner begins promptly at 1PM with turkey and all the trimmings prepared by Jeeves.. It can get kind of loud with one hundred guests.

 Then after dinner and between football games a reenactment of the First Thanksgiving is performed by me and my guests. I am kind of a history buff...I play the head pilgrim.

Then it's time to watch the 4:30PM football game and have dessert. A grand selection of pies that my staff baked that my guests can not resist. Pumpkin, apple, cherry...


And then to make the night interesting.. a game of Twister.

Then it time for the guests to go home and time for me to relax with a nice bottle of wine and drift off to sleep in my recliner. Don't worry about the dishes.. Jeeves is on top of it.

Well, that's how I celebrate Thanksgiving. Feel free to comment on your traditions.
 Happy Thanksgiving!!