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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...Gone Too Far....

I waited a day to write and publish this blog post so I can be objective  One of my pet peeves is when someone or some organization exceeds their authority just to make an example of something or somebody.

I am referring to the NCAA sanctions punishing the Penn State Football program handed down on Monday 07/23/12. All weekend long, the reports were that the NCAA would hand down "unprecedented" sanctions against Penn State Football, just short of the "death penalty."

I was concerned  that the NCAA did not conduct their own investigation and relied solely on the Freeh report. I also wondered if the NCAA had the authority to levy such "unprecedented" sanctions because there were no NCAA infractions.

I was in my living room at 9AM watching the press conference on what Penn State's fate would be. Although Penn State avoided the "death penalty", the sanctions announced left Penn State football for dead.

I was expecting a reprimand, a fine and the football program being put on probation for a few years. I could live with the decision of players not being penalized if they wanted to leave the program.

However, the NCAA went to far. and exceeded it's authority. It seemed they were more intent on punishing the program then on implementing  guidelines for corrective action in the future.

No bowl games for four years? All this does is penalize current  and future players. Clearly the NCAA wants to discourage potential recruits from playing for Penn State.

Significant reduction in scholarships? Reduce the opportunity for an individual to get a quality education?

Vacating all the football games Penn State won from 1998 -2011?? Fourteen years of wins erased, as if they did not happen??
How can you erase history? This sanction was clearly to strip Joe Paterno as the coach with the most wins in football. I do not believe this sanction would have been handed down if Paterno did not break any win records.  Didn't the NCAA realize this affects innocent players during this fourteen year period? Past Penn State players have not won a game in their college football careers?

My first thought was Penn State would appeal until I found out that Penn State accepted the sanctions and agreed not to appeal. Penn State's President later stated he either had to accept the terms unconditionally or the "death penalty" would be almost imminent and other sanctions would be a real possibility. Except our sanctions, or ELSE!!

The NCAA has exceeded their authority in punishing a football program for criminal activity and alleged cover up of criminal activity of a certain few who are no longer in power. The monster who was convicted of molesting children has been arrested, tried, convicted, and is in jail awaiting sentencing. The other executives have been charged with perjury and awaiting trial. I would bet there are other criminal investigations by law enforcement going on.

Let law enforcement and the courts handle criminal activity, let the NCAA handle NCAA violations and infractions.

All the NCAA did was punish innocent football players and destroyed a football program that needed a slight adjustment.

...Gone to Far...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Na Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman"....

Picture courtesy of The Times Leader on 07/21/12

I was reading the newspaper early Saturday morning and there was a story out of north Utah about "Goatman."

Apparently, there is a man dressed up as a goat following a herd of wild goats in Utah. No one knows who "Goatman" is.

A hiker first spotted "Goatman" while hiking and saw the herd of wild goats and then saw a strange looking "goat" trailing behind who was a man dressed and acting like a goat. The hiker took some pictures and notified wild life officials.

Officials are stating that "Goatman" has done nothing illegal, but are concerned because hunting season will be coming soon. Are they saying a man dressed and acting like a goat could get shot during hunting season!??  Gee, you think.

So the question I have is why is there a man dressed and acting like a goat?

1.) College professor doing research?   Probably not.
2.) Hypnotized to think he is a goat? Don't think so.
3.) College fraternity hazing?   Possibly, but it is summer break.
4.) Wild life enthusiast? Could be.
5.) A goat bounty hunter tracking a goat who jumped bail? That would be a good TV show.
6.).)Some type of mental or emotional illness?  I would go with this reason.

I am not sure how officials will get the opportunity to talk with "Goatman"

Will they set a trap? Tranquilizer dart?  light up the "Goatman" spotlight in the sky,
hoping he spots it? Maybe he has a cell phone.....

Anyway, officials have until September when hunting season starts. However, this guy could get hurt by the wild goats. Goats on a farm are cranky. I could just imagine how cranky a wild goat can be.

I foresee a psych exam in "Goatman"s future.

Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman".....

Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman".....

"Goatman" , "Goatman", "Goatman"....

Update: "Goatman" has been identified and is a hunter doing research. Now I can sleep at night...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Remembering A Great Explorer

It was two years ago today that I found out that Barry past away. Barry was the host of the blog titled
 " Anexplorers View of Life ".

I first discovered Barry's blog when I started my own blog nearly four years ago. I was visiting blogs that had been named "Blogger of the Month" and Barry's blog had been named one month (I forget the month).

I was hooked the first time I visited. Barry updated his blog daily with short stories and his adventures with his dog Lindsay. Barry was arguably the most gifted writer. He had hundreds of followers and every blog entry had many comments. I looked forward to reading Barry's blog every day.

Barry announced on his blog, in 2009, that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Barry changed the focus of his blog in dealing with and treating the cancer. Barry faced this new challenge in his life with optimism and patience with a firm resolve to not give up. Barry fought the battle for nearly a year.

Barry's wife broke the news on his blog two years ago tooday that Barry had passed away around noon and won his battle with cancer, for the cancer is no longer with him.

Although there has not been an update to Barry's blog in nearly two years, I still visit once in awhile and reread some of his past posts.

I encourage you to visit Barry's blog my clicking here .

R.I.P Barry. I am sure you are missed by all your family, friends and followers.

Ringing the Bell in Memorial!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

It has been a whole year since I updated my blog. Where has the time gone!?

I wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule to wish everybody a Safe and Happy Independence Day. Today is the day that we told England to take their tea and crumpets and get the hell out!

This is America, Damn it!

- Americans do not like tea, we like coffee...

- Americans do not like crumpets, we like doughnuts....

- Americans do not say "Cheerio",  we say goodbye...

- Americans do not like soccer, we like football...

-Americans don't take orders, we give them....

Americans like their beer cold, and their teeth straight.

Please take a few moments to remember our brave fore fathers who risked their lives so we can live free today. Because if they did not take a stand, we would all be drinking tea, have bad teeth and be watching "Sunday Night Soccer" this fall on NBC....

I am Neil Bytes and I approve this message....