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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unwanted Text Messages

For the past month, I have been receiving text messages from a number I do not recognize.

This has happened to me in the past, and I simply ignored the messages.

Normally, the messages stop at one or two. I simply sum it up to an honest mistake by the sender.

Not this time.

I have been receiving at least two or three text messages a week late at night asking "What's up?" or "How ya doing?"

I chose the ignore and delete approach, hoping this person would take the hint.

However, the other night I received a profanity laced text message from this same number demanding why I do not respond.

So I decided to call my cell phone provider to discuss my options.

My cell phone provider tells me either I can request a new number or sign up for parental controls to block the number that is sending the messages. For an additional fee of course.

I was advised to keep my number more secure and to be careful on who I give my number to.

Also, that if the messages become threatening to save them and contact the authorities.

I do not think it will come to that.

You can block an e-mail, but you can't block a text message. Cell phone providers need to work on that.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dentist Appointments

I was reading a blog earlier today about their dentist asking them questions , that require more then a yes or no response, while your mouth is wide open. How are you suppose to answer coherently?
The question I would like answered is why is it so complicated to make a dentist appointment?
It seems to me that most dentists do not have evening office hours anymore and all do not have weekend office hours.
This can become very frustrating, especially for those who work a traditional 9 t0 5 job.
I tried to make an appointment about a month ago with my dentist for a cleaning. I asked the receptionist that I would need an appointment later in the day preferably in the evening. I was told the dentist cut back his evening hours to one day a week and that all evening appointments are booked for the year!

The receptionist then stated there were appointments available at 9AM one day, 11:30AM another day, and 1PM the following week.
Reluctantly, I scheduled the 1PM appointment and had to take half a vacation day, not to mention getting a dirty look from my supervisor. Good thing I didn't need a root canal or a cavity filled.
I would think dentists would increase their business, acquire new patients, and retain existing patients if they had more days with evening hours and have one or two half day Saturday hours a month.
Could you imagine if grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies all closed at 5PM during the week and were closed on the weekend!?
I am not picking on dentists. They provide a great service. I do not suggest a dentist work 80 hours a week. Maybe two days a week have office hours from 1pm t0 9pm, another two days from 8AM - 1PM and occasional half day on Saturday. What have you have to lose? You might gain more patients.
Maybe I'll recommend this to my dentist or write a letter to the American Dental Association.

I wouldn't recommend if this is your dentist:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's not Amused

The Obama administration is on it's third day and the Vice President has already put his foot in his mouth.
( I had a week in the office pool.)

Vice President Joe Biden was unaware that he was to swear in the senior staff at a White House ceremony on Wednesday.

Joe Biden tried to make light of being unprepared by making a joke that his memory was not as good as John Roberts, The Chief Justice of the United States.

It sounded like those in attendance had a good laugh. With the exception of his boss.
The President of the United States.
President Obama was clearly not amused with his Vice President.

When I first saw this on the news, my first inclination was that Obama could not take a joke.

However, I thought more about it and realized that Obama was right not to dignify this "joke" with laughter.

I believe by not condoning Biden's remarks, Obama made a point that this type of behavior will not be tolerated from anyone in his administration.

I can respect Obama's reaction.

Anyone want to bet on when Joe Biden's next gaffe will be?

Below is a clip of the Vice President's gaffe from You Tube.

Saturday Night Live will probably have a field day with this:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dick Cheney on wheels

It was reported yesterday that former Vice President Dick Cheney injured his back while moving boxes at his new home in Virgina and had to attend the Inauguration in a wheel chair.

I am not posting this to make fun of Mr. Cheney or his injury. An injured back is nothing to laugh about.
The only question I have is why is Dick Cheney moving his own boxes??

I would imagine as a former Vice President, Mr. Cheney would be able to make a few phone calls and make arrangements to have his boxes moved for him.

If you feel inclined to move boxes in the future, my advice would be to do some stretches and remember to always lift with your knees.


Today in Inauguration Day and in less then five minutes Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.

I am flipping through the various new channels throughout the morning listening to all of the "experts" give their opinion on whether the new Obama administration will be good or bad for the United States.

I always wondered whether these "experts" really believe in what they say. Most of these people that MSNBC, Fox and CNN have on are Ivory Tower with PhD's in areas no one ever heard of.

Where do they find these people? Do they believe they really connect with the average citizen?

Do they have a crystal ball? A magic eight ball?

If these "experts"have the solutions to resolve all of the problems the United States is facing,

Why don't they run for office?

It's easy to sit on the sidelines and offer opinions on somewhat else should do,then offer criticism when decisions are made that you don't agree with.

Lastly, as I watch the final minutes before Obama is sworn in to office I can make the following statements

1.) Everybody in attendance is freezing.

2.) Some are still wondering on what kind of dog the Obama's will get.

3.) Most are asking themselves why they didn't stay home and watch in their warm living rooms.

4.) All have no idea on what the next four years will bring.

The swearing in is about to start.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's at Times Square

Well, The New Year has come and gone.

The celebration is over. You should be recovered from your hangover.

Back to work. Back to reality.

Something I still do not understand as why so many people go out to Times Square in
New York City to see a ball drop? Huh? I don't get it.

First of all, it's cold outside.

New Year's Eve night it was 10 degrees outside with a 30 mph wind.

Yet people stand out there for hours. People are lucky they did not get frost bite. Losing a finger or a toe is nothing to celebrate.

Secondly, who cleans up all that mess the day after?

More important who pays to clean up this mess? The taxpayers of NYC which most probably don't go down to Times Square.

Lastly, what exactly are we celebrating. There is no historic or major religious connotation with the New Year. It is simply a change of a month on the calendar.

Well, Happy New Year anyway. For anyone like me who went to bed before 10PM on New Years Eve,here is a clip of Times Square for your enjoyment from your warm living rooms.