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Friday, July 20, 2012

Remembering A Great Explorer

It was two years ago today that I found out that Barry past away. Barry was the host of the blog titled
 " Anexplorers View of Life ".

I first discovered Barry's blog when I started my own blog nearly four years ago. I was visiting blogs that had been named "Blogger of the Month" and Barry's blog had been named one month (I forget the month).

I was hooked the first time I visited. Barry updated his blog daily with short stories and his adventures with his dog Lindsay. Barry was arguably the most gifted writer. He had hundreds of followers and every blog entry had many comments. I looked forward to reading Barry's blog every day.

Barry announced on his blog, in 2009, that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Barry changed the focus of his blog in dealing with and treating the cancer. Barry faced this new challenge in his life with optimism and patience with a firm resolve to not give up. Barry fought the battle for nearly a year.

Barry's wife broke the news on his blog two years ago tooday that Barry had passed away around noon and won his battle with cancer, for the cancer is no longer with him.

Although there has not been an update to Barry's blog in nearly two years, I still visit once in awhile and reread some of his past posts.

I encourage you to visit Barry's blog my clicking here .

R.I.P Barry. I am sure you are missed by all your family, friends and followers.

Ringing the Bell in Memorial!

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