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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Na Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman"....

Picture courtesy of The Times Leader on 07/21/12

I was reading the newspaper early Saturday morning and there was a story out of north Utah about "Goatman."

Apparently, there is a man dressed up as a goat following a herd of wild goats in Utah. No one knows who "Goatman" is.

A hiker first spotted "Goatman" while hiking and saw the herd of wild goats and then saw a strange looking "goat" trailing behind who was a man dressed and acting like a goat. The hiker took some pictures and notified wild life officials.

Officials are stating that "Goatman" has done nothing illegal, but are concerned because hunting season will be coming soon. Are they saying a man dressed and acting like a goat could get shot during hunting season!??  Gee, you think.

So the question I have is why is there a man dressed and acting like a goat?

1.) College professor doing research?   Probably not.
2.) Hypnotized to think he is a goat? Don't think so.
3.) College fraternity hazing?   Possibly, but it is summer break.
4.) Wild life enthusiast? Could be.
5.) A goat bounty hunter tracking a goat who jumped bail? That would be a good TV show.
6.).)Some type of mental or emotional illness?  I would go with this reason.

I am not sure how officials will get the opportunity to talk with "Goatman"

Will they set a trap? Tranquilizer dart?  light up the "Goatman" spotlight in the sky,
hoping he spots it? Maybe he has a cell phone.....

Anyway, officials have until September when hunting season starts. However, this guy could get hurt by the wild goats. Goats on a farm are cranky. I could just imagine how cranky a wild goat can be.

I foresee a psych exam in "Goatman"s future.

Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman".....

Na Na Na Na Naaaa "Goatman".....

"Goatman" , "Goatman", "Goatman"....

Update: "Goatman" has been identified and is a hunter doing research. Now I can sleep at night...

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