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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...Gone Too Far....

I waited a day to write and publish this blog post so I can be objective  One of my pet peeves is when someone or some organization exceeds their authority just to make an example of something or somebody.

I am referring to the NCAA sanctions punishing the Penn State Football program handed down on Monday 07/23/12. All weekend long, the reports were that the NCAA would hand down "unprecedented" sanctions against Penn State Football, just short of the "death penalty."

I was concerned  that the NCAA did not conduct their own investigation and relied solely on the Freeh report. I also wondered if the NCAA had the authority to levy such "unprecedented" sanctions because there were no NCAA infractions.

I was in my living room at 9AM watching the press conference on what Penn State's fate would be. Although Penn State avoided the "death penalty", the sanctions announced left Penn State football for dead.

I was expecting a reprimand, a fine and the football program being put on probation for a few years. I could live with the decision of players not being penalized if they wanted to leave the program.

However, the NCAA went to far. and exceeded it's authority. It seemed they were more intent on punishing the program then on implementing  guidelines for corrective action in the future.

No bowl games for four years? All this does is penalize current  and future players. Clearly the NCAA wants to discourage potential recruits from playing for Penn State.

Significant reduction in scholarships? Reduce the opportunity for an individual to get a quality education?

Vacating all the football games Penn State won from 1998 -2011?? Fourteen years of wins erased, as if they did not happen??
How can you erase history? This sanction was clearly to strip Joe Paterno as the coach with the most wins in football. I do not believe this sanction would have been handed down if Paterno did not break any win records.  Didn't the NCAA realize this affects innocent players during this fourteen year period? Past Penn State players have not won a game in their college football careers?

My first thought was Penn State would appeal until I found out that Penn State accepted the sanctions and agreed not to appeal. Penn State's President later stated he either had to accept the terms unconditionally or the "death penalty" would be almost imminent and other sanctions would be a real possibility. Except our sanctions, or ELSE!!

The NCAA has exceeded their authority in punishing a football program for criminal activity and alleged cover up of criminal activity of a certain few who are no longer in power. The monster who was convicted of molesting children has been arrested, tried, convicted, and is in jail awaiting sentencing. The other executives have been charged with perjury and awaiting trial. I would bet there are other criminal investigations by law enforcement going on.

Let law enforcement and the courts handle criminal activity, let the NCAA handle NCAA violations and infractions.

All the NCAA did was punish innocent football players and destroyed a football program that needed a slight adjustment.

...Gone to Far...

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