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Saturday, May 8, 2010

VE Day

Today commemorates Victory in Europe Day. (VE Day)
This is the day when Germany unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Forces effectively ending World War II in Europe.

For nearly six years, nearly all of Europe was in engaged in intense fighting, costing millions of soldiers and civilians their lives. Air raids, machine gun fire, and vast destruction were constant in every day European life.

I have talked to many World War II veterans over the years. The sacrifices these soldiers made in defense of our country, as well as, liberating Europe from tyranny need to be told. Now more then ever.

Each passing year, The number of Word War II veterans are decreasing. The average age of a WWII Veteran is between eighty and eight five.

I believe more documentaries and programs about World War II need to be shown on television, such as the History channel.

I have to say that I was angry that there was nothing on the History Channel to commemorate VE Day. There was an "Ax Men" marathon on for most of the day. Now there something on about Aliens? Aliens!?

There is no excuse for this. World War II programs / documentaries about VE Day should have been on the History Channel today.

I hope this oversight is corrected for next year.

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