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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why "We Are the World 25" Failed

Dan Aykroyd (wearing a tie) sings at the original "We Are the World"
It has been over a week since the opening of the Winter Olympics and the
debut of "We Are the World 25." I waited over a week to blog about this so I can be as objective as possible.
I can not argue that it was for a good cause.The country of Haiti needs all the help it could get.

However, most agree that "We are the World 25" was commercially unsuccessful and has received negative reviews. Others have called it an outright failure.

I believe it was a failure for one reason:

Dan Aykroyd was not invited to come back and sing. All you Canadians should be upset about this. The Winter Olympics are being held in Canada, right??

Dan Aykroyd was in the original 1985 version and stole the show with his performance. The glasses, the tie, and the jacket. That voice. When people are asked what they remember about the original version, they answer "Dan Aykroyd of course."

Also, the man was on "Saturday Night Live" and movies such as "Trading Places", "Ghostbusters" and some other movies.

"We Are the World 25" could have been a hit if Dan Aykroyd was invited back. Alas, we will never know.

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Barry said...

Too true Neil! The man's a genius, and his winery makes a fair bottle of wine too!