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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It is now the early morning hours of Friday. Most people do not have to go to work today as most employers give their employees a four day weekend for Thanksgiving.

You would think most people would take advantage of this day off to catch up on their sleep, read a book, or just relax.

However, there are some people who are developing a battle plan on what stores to go to at 5AM to get the best bargains. Some of these people literally camp out all night just so they can be near the front of the line when the store opens.

"Black Friday" is once again upon us. This starts the period where stores are suppose to go from being in the "red" and go into the "black."

I am amazed on how many people are willing to go shopping so early in the morning under such crowded conditions. Some go just for the "rush" not caring if they buy anything or not. While others have a clear objective on what they want.

It seems every year the crowds get bigger and more rowdy. I remember last year watching a newscast where a women nearly got knocked over when everyone was rushing into the store. I think a store employee was crushed to death at another store.

The question I have for these shoppers is it worth it to risk serious injury or a fatality to get $100.00 dollars of a television, oven, or a washing machine.

Maybe I just can't relate because I do not like shopping, even in February or March when no one is in the stores.

To all those going out early to shop today. Please be safe and courteous to other shoppers. I will keep you all in my thoughts when I am sound to sleep at 5AM. Happy shopping.

For any first time Black Friday shoppers. Below is a clip of people shopping on this day.

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