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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Airplane pilots missed the exit

Here's something I just do not understand.

A northwest flight was scheduled to land at Minneapolis and instead flew past the airport into Wisconsin. The most amazing part is the flight attendant had to call into the intercom to alert the pilot and co-pilot they missed the airport.

These "pilots" did not realize they missed the airport where they were suppose to land? How does this happen in 2009? Do they believe it's like missing an exit on the interstate?

So what could possibly be the explanation. Most seem to think the pilots fell asleep. The pilot denies this.

I believe any explanation, other then a medical emergency, inclement weather, or an airplane malfunction, is unacceptable.

This incident resulted in the military and law enforcement being put on alert. Not to mention loved ones of the passengers fearing for their safety.

The only bright spot about this incident is that no passengers were hurt.

I will wait until the investigation is complete. I believe there maybe some suspended or unemployed pilots in the near future.

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