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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road Trip

Summer is winding down, soon the kids will be back at school, and most people will be taking their final week of vacation for the summer.

Some will decide to stay home in what has been dubbed "staycation."

Others will be traveling to celebrate the last weeks of summer.

Most people, including myself, look forward to their final destination. Such as the beach, casino , Disney World, etc.

Most people though dread the road trip to get to your destination. The hundreds of driving miles, road construction, screaming kids, screaming spouse, getting lost. Then you have to make the same trip back when the vacation is over.

There is a certain group of people that truly love the road trip and the destination is secondary.

I discovered a man on YouTube named Freewayjim.

Every year he seems to drive several hundred miles across the Eastern USA traveling through several Metropolitan areas.

Below is a clip he filmed and produced by driving Interstate 76 East through Philadelphia (Schuykill Expressway).
This is the common route to go to the New Jersey shore from Pennsylvania.

Go to YouTube to see FreewayJim's other clips from over the years by clicking here.


Patty said...

You forget to tell me to fasten my seat belt. Whoo hoo! I loved the ride.

Courtney said...

Hi! Or I guess I should say "Haay!" Its Courtney from Frazzled and Distracted. To answer your question, yes, people really say "Bless your heart". Even men. Its like folks from Wisconsin saying "Dontcha know". Ha! So you live in PA? I worked with Wachovia for awhile in a former life. I worked in Stewartstown, PA once a month. Its near York, Harrisburg and about an hour north of Baltimore. I loved that little town. Everyone teased me about the "bless your heart" though!