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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unofficial Start of Summer

I have finally come out of hibernation.

After a long Winter and a cold Spring,

it's finally time to put away the coats, boots and snow shovels

Break out the shorts, open the pool, and set up the volleyball net.

It's Summer Time!! Unofficially that is.

Memorial Day Weekend is only a few short days away and, as most people know, kicks off the Summer Season

I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I didn't think it would ever come.

I have to get to the supermarket and beer store to stock up for a picnic.

Is it me or does Summer seem to be getting shorter each year?

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Barbara Martin said...

I have noticed in the northern hemisphere I live in that the rays from the sun angle in at different locations than they used to. So your summer days may ineed be shorter. I have read in some articles that the tilt of the earth on its axis has changed, which is probably the cause. The sun sets at a different angle where I live in Toronto now then it did five years ago at the same time of the year. Being Toronto is lower than the 49th parallel, the sun never set high up in the northwest like it does now. The evening angle is similar to the summer sunsets I experienced when living in Edmonton, Alberta which higher up in the latitude. Very strange.