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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

It looks like the weather forecast is calling for possible thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

I have been fascinated with thunderstorms for as long as I can remember. You can find me tracking these storms on radar and outside when it reaches my home.

I have an interest in all types of weather, however thunderstorms are my favorite. I think the reason is because they normally do not last to long and most thunderstorms only do minor damage.

Well back to watching the radar.


Barry said...

Through an odd sense of timing, my blog is about thunderstorms today too.

I'm certainly fascinated by them as well.rifit

Patty said...

I love thunderstorms, too. I could just run around in them all day. Until I get struck by lightening and die, of course.

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you have a camera, you should think about joining us in our My Town Shoot Out. Email if you have any questions. I have an "in progress" blog that lays out all the answers if you have any questions.

Happy Memorial Day.

Barbara Martin said...

Some of the best light shows I have seen were the summer thunderstorms in Montreal.

Out west where I'm from there is an odd type of lightning called 'sheet lightning' where it comes crashing down in a long thin sheet.