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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dick Cheney on wheels

It was reported yesterday that former Vice President Dick Cheney injured his back while moving boxes at his new home in Virgina and had to attend the Inauguration in a wheel chair.

I am not posting this to make fun of Mr. Cheney or his injury. An injured back is nothing to laugh about.
The only question I have is why is Dick Cheney moving his own boxes??

I would imagine as a former Vice President, Mr. Cheney would be able to make a few phone calls and make arrangements to have his boxes moved for him.

If you feel inclined to move boxes in the future, my advice would be to do some stretches and remember to always lift with your knees.


Barry said...

Very good advice.

A man with his history of heart problems should likely leave the heavy lifting to others.

Heather said...

Do I know you?

Barbara Martin said...

Perhaps the contents of the boxes were too personal for others to carry.

Its a shame he has a back injury at his age: they take longer to heal.