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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dentist Appointments

I was reading a blog earlier today about their dentist asking them questions , that require more then a yes or no response, while your mouth is wide open. How are you suppose to answer coherently?
The question I would like answered is why is it so complicated to make a dentist appointment?
It seems to me that most dentists do not have evening office hours anymore and all do not have weekend office hours.
This can become very frustrating, especially for those who work a traditional 9 t0 5 job.
I tried to make an appointment about a month ago with my dentist for a cleaning. I asked the receptionist that I would need an appointment later in the day preferably in the evening. I was told the dentist cut back his evening hours to one day a week and that all evening appointments are booked for the year!

The receptionist then stated there were appointments available at 9AM one day, 11:30AM another day, and 1PM the following week.
Reluctantly, I scheduled the 1PM appointment and had to take half a vacation day, not to mention getting a dirty look from my supervisor. Good thing I didn't need a root canal or a cavity filled.
I would think dentists would increase their business, acquire new patients, and retain existing patients if they had more days with evening hours and have one or two half day Saturday hours a month.
Could you imagine if grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies all closed at 5PM during the week and were closed on the weekend!?
I am not picking on dentists. They provide a great service. I do not suggest a dentist work 80 hours a week. Maybe two days a week have office hours from 1pm t0 9pm, another two days from 8AM - 1PM and occasional half day on Saturday. What have you have to lose? You might gain more patients.
Maybe I'll recommend this to my dentist or write a letter to the American Dental Association.

I wouldn't recommend if this is your dentist:


Barrie said...

I, too, have a tough time making dental appointments. Add in two kids in braces, and you can understand why my life is an oral nightmare! Thanks for visiting.

Barbara Martin said...

Loved the dentist video. My side is aching from laughing. The patient should have spit on the dentist.

I sympathize with making appointments. Due to one of my medications I need to see a dental surgeon over a regular dentist and making appointments can be tricky. Though here in Toronto, some do have evening and Saturday morning appointments. It's a matter of finding them.

I'm surprised Charles Gramlich isn't here for the motorcycle.